Smarter with every shipment.

Powerful insights into supply chain quality conditions from the first mile to the last.

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parsyl end to end visibility End to End Visibility

Understand when and how environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, light and impact affect sensitive goods in storage or transit, from source to final destination.

parsyl single, scalable solution Single, Scalable Solution

We’ve re-engineered the traditional data logger experience to deliver a single solution designed for comprehensive and affordable supply chain coverage, from warehouses and cold rooms to transport by air, land or sea.

parsyl risk management Risk Management

Anticipate risks, ensure compliance and quickly process insurance claims with advanced insights combined with interactive, predictive data.

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Trek - all-in-one workhorse
Senses temperature, humidity, light & impact Rugged, waterproof design Multi-year battery life Records GPS location
parsyl trek 1.1 our workhorse
parsyl trek mini small, mighty, disposable
Trek Mini - small, mighty, disposable
Senses temperature and light Multi-year battery life
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“New data insights are enabling new ways to reduce and mitigate risks that were previously hidden. Potential incidents can also be tracked and dealt with more quickly thereby reducing interruption to supply within the supply chain. And with Parsyl, that future is now.”

Hélène Stanway Digital Leader at AXA XL

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